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WeLcOmE To the FoRum 631862e5b7ysybps Congratulations to Najwa our Star Of The Month (SOTM) for November! Come register and join in the FUN!!! PSP classes are starting up!! WeLcOmE To the FoRum 631862e5b7ysybps


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PostSubject: WeLcOmE To the FoRum   WeLcOmE To the FoRum 1239681zlvrj3lrndFri Jun 01, 2012 7:00 am

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Welcome to DancingStar's Sparkling Graphics!


Hi, My name is Angela (DancingStar),I would like to Welcome you to the Forum.
Please sign up and join in the fun we have. Also read and sign the rules, then come
to Introduction area and tell us all about you. We would love to know you more.
We have a staff section, and our brand new "Member Section", yes each member will get
there own place to add there own bio, photos, news and more. We love to hear all that
you would like to share with us. Lots of new things are still to come. Also don't forget
to vote for our site daily at ,
Thank you and have FUN!!!


Also, if you are a tagger and would like your own spot for request & pick up,
please let me know and I will get you set up. Thank you and have fun.

~ Angela (DancingStar) Rose2


Rules **NOTE** Rules
To ALL Newbies, You have 72hrs to read & sign ALL rules or your account
will be deleted, and you will have to re-register again to gain access!

WeLcOmE To the FoRum Angela01

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WeLcOmE To the FoRum
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